• Scuddyman

    Hey Guys! This is admin and founder, Scuddyman here to give you our wikis weekly update No. 1! This post will show you the all new features we have added to make navigation around here much, much simpler. Here are the latest features/stats of this wiki from the least important to the most:

    5. Second editor, Zeroinfinity12, will help me with this wiki quite a bit over the early stages. Soon to be Admin if this wiki gets more editors!

    4. Most wikis don't pass 10 Pages, but we have and we are not going to give up that easily! Next Goal 20 Pages before next week!

    3. Blog Posts are an important way to find out others opinions. We have got two in the first week!(İncluding this one!)

    2. Along with Blog Posts are the new Forums! Ask something and you …

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  • Zeroinfinity12

    Soul Extreme Dragon Wind Extreme Dragon Medieval Golden Slyaer

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