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Units are the most common way to attack Trolls and other enemies. They have the advantage of movement, which is very valuable. They are considered stronger than Towers because they can move and have higher attack and health. They range from Dragons to Monsters or even Normal Units which just walk. Some Units (Eg. Draggys) can even fly over objects which make great bait/attackers. The best 'Unit' is so far Supreme Bahamut Dragon with a whopping 10,000 Life and 500 Attack. The weakest unit is Light Archer which only has 6 attack!

How To UseEdit

  • ==The Spawn Attack:==
  1. Get all your Dragons and spawn to the max! (Orc Dragon, Crystal Dragon and a few others cannot)
  2. Send out all your 'Spawned' Draggys to attack.
  3. Once they all die repeat Step 1/2.
  4. Once the opposition is weak enough spawn Draggys and send them out with the rest of the team.

Scuddyman (talk) 05:44, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

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