Draggys are units which have the special ability of flying over buildings. This special feature is used greatly for sneak attacks on large enemies. The strongest Draggys are Epic and Savage Draggys having health up to 950!
  • Draggy
  • Lightning Draggy
  • Red Bahamut Draggy
  • Soul Extreme Draggy with Stats
  • The Dragon Breeding Nest

How To Obtain

You can obtain Draggys in any of the following ways:

  • Soul Mixer: Epic Draggys are quite common.
  • Dragon Breeding Nest: Breed Dragons and Draggys with ease!
  • Spawned: If spawned the draggys only last until you refresh the page.
  • Monday Bonus: Horned Draggy only.
  • Hack: You have the risk of being banned.
  • Links: Only Draggy and Lightning Draggy.

How To Beat

  • Dragon Bombardment!
  1. Send out any of your Dragons unless there is a group of Draggys.
  • Spawn Attack!
  1. Spawn your Draggys to the max.
  2. Attack the enemy Draggys.

Scuddyman (talk) 01:14, May 19, 2013 (UTC)

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