Dragons are flying, long ranged melee units. They are considered the strongest unit types in the game because of their high health, attack, range and attack delay. These units surprisingly do not fly over buildings/walls unlike their tiny spawned versions Draggys.

Types of Dragons

There are many types of dragons that have special and non special qualities. There are currently about six types of Dragons, they are with their members, physical features and rankings:

Bahamut Dragons:

  • Rainbow DragonGo to Click Here To Visit Rainbow Dragon
  • Galaxy DragonGo to Click Here To Visit Galaxy Dragon
  • Pharaoh Bahamut DragonGo to Click Here To Visit Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon

Members-Black Bahamut Dragon, Golden Bahamut Dragon, Red Bahamut Dragon, Supreme Bahamut Dragon, Paladin Bahamut Dragon, Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon, Sky Bahamut Dragon, Electric Bahamut Dragon, Chuck Norris Bahamut Dragon and Green Bahamut Dragon.

How To Recognize-You can recognize Bahamut Dragons easily in Soul Mixer because they have big, sharp claws.

Stats-All of the Bahamut Dragons have Health between 2300 and 2900 apart from Supreme Bahamut Dragon(10,000!). They also have an attack range of 64-74(Apart from Supreme Bahamut Dragon with 500!). They all have the same Range, Speed and Attack Delay(9, 6 and 35 respectively apart from Supreme Bahamut Dragon with 15 range!).


1st=Supreme Bahamut Dragon (10,000 Health and 500 Attack!)

2nd=Sky Bahamut Dragon (4000 Health and 108 Attack)

3rd=Chuck Norris Bahamut Dragon (3200 Health and maybe 102 Attack)

4th=Paladin Bahamut Dragon (Health 2700 and Attack 72)

5th=Black Bahamut Dragon (Health 2600 and Attack 70)

6th=Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon (Health 2500 and Attack 67

7th=Golden Bahamut Dragon (Health 2400 and Attack 65)

8th= Electric Bahamut Dragon (Health 2300 and Attack 62)

9th=Red Bahamut Dragon (2250 Health and 60 Attack)

10th=Green Bahamut Dragon (2200 Health and 58 Attack)

Normal Dragon

Dragons I

Members: Furious Dragon, Sayan Dragon, Stormy, Golden Dragon and Black Dragon.

Stats: They all have health between 1600-1750

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