Galaxy Dragon

Galaxy Dragon.

Galaxy Dragon is a promotional unit given away to anyone who has reached level 10 in Social Wars, a relative game of Social Empires. It can only be mounted by Dragon Rider III.


Health: 3100 (3300 WR)

Attack: 78 (103 WR)

Range: 9

Speed: 6

Attack Delay: 35

How To ObtainEdit

  • Most people obtained Galaxy Dragon from a promotional offer in which you must reach level 10 in Social Wars and Dragon City. Galaxy Dragon and Rainbow Dragon have now been replaced with Infernal Dragon and Crystal Dragon.
  • You can obtain Galaxy Dragon with and without rider from the Soul Mixer.
  • You can get him from the Dragons Chest.
  • You can obtain Galaxy Dragon from the new Login Bonus.


Galaxy Balls: Fires many spheres continuously at one enemy.

Galaxy Explosion: Creates a supernova AOE which inflicts heavy damage to nearby enemies.

Galaxy Whirlwind: Galaxy Dragon will Spin and create a vortex that damages and knocksback any enemy it touches.

Spawn Minions: Spawns a Galaxy Draggy to assist(Max three).

Galaxy DraggyEdit

Health: 700 (All three 2100)

Attack: 36 (All Three 98)

Range: 8

Speed: 8

Attack Delay: 35

Galaxy Dragon TriviaEdit

  • It has a counterpart named Rainbow Dragon which used to be obtained by reaching level 10 in Dragon City, alongside Galaxy Dragon.
  • Rainbow Dragon can change into 4 other Dragons but Galaxy Dragon has more Health/Attack so it is reccomended to obtain both.

Galaxy Draggy TriviaEdit

  • It can be obtained in Soul Mixer or by being spawned by Galaxy Dragon.
  • If spawned it takes 20 seconds before another Galaxy Draggy can be spawned.
  • Galaxy Draggy is stronger than any other three of Rainbow Dragons Draggys