Houses are Buildings which allow you to increase your empires population. If you build a house when your population reaches the empires limit(175) then you will build the house, gain the xp but not increase your limit. Only Unit Warehouse can go beyond 175.

Types of Houses

Name:          Population:          Cost:            Experience Points:
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Houses I, II, III, IV and V.

House I            3                         30 Wood              3xp House II           4                         60 Wood              6xp

House III          5                         120 Wood            12xp

House IV          6                        500 Wood            50xp

House V          7                        1800 Wood       180xp Imperial Elf House  6                1200 Gold             ???xp Baths               20                      6 Cash                 ???xp

Unit Warehouse-20(2 Cash for extra slot) 20 Cash ???xp

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