The Login Bonus is a very easy way for players to obtain extra Resources, Cash and Units. The Login Bonus replaced the Daily Bonus on the Fourth of May 2013. The Login Bonus gives you more Resources, Cash and Units than the Daily Bonus and currently active Monday Bonus. So far you can obtain:

1st Day: 250 Gold, Wood, Stone and Food.

2nd Day: Fire T-Rex

3rd Day: 10 Cash

4th Day: 25 Potions

5th Day: 2-Head Dragon

10th Day: 35 Mana

15th Day: Vulcano Dragon

20th Day: 15 Cash

30th Day: Black Bahamut Dragon

40th Day: 20 Cash

50th Day: Galaxy Dragon

If there are more they will be added soon.

Scuddyman (talk) 06:34, May 21, 2013 (UTC)Media:Example.ogg